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Lily Hager
Lily Hager is involved in school through her extracurriculars of playing the flute and piccolo in the band and writing for The Red Ledger. She was born and raised in Texas by her parents with three siblings. Lily weighs school work very heavily, and she works hard to achieve her goals. Although she doesn’t know what she wants to do for a living after graduation, she looks forward to the possibility of college at A&M with a music or English major like her dad. At the end of the day, she loves music and just chilling. Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:28-31. Lily joined newspaper in seventh grade as a writer and graduated middle school as editor-in-chief of LeopardLife. It didn't always come easy, but she’s so happy that she stuck with it because it’s the type of work that pays off in the end. She's super excited for a new year and new goals at The Red Ledger.

Lily Hager, Staff Reporter

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