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Kelsey Carroll
After joining LeopardLife in eighth grade, Kelsey Carroll  knew she wanted to join The Red Ledger staff as a freshman. She is passionate about writing, photography, and messing with Photoshop. Aside from school, she enjoys swimming, riding her Ripstik, and hanging out with her triplet brother and sister, Ian and Jackie. She is overly obsessed with the Harry Potter series, and when she's not reading or focusing on schoolwork, she will almost always be found hiding in her bedroom watching YouTube videos. She loves to listen to music and jam out on her cello and ukulele. When she's not at a friend’s house on the weekends, Kelsey will most likely be working way too hard on group projects and acting as a teen aide for her mom’s fifth grade Religious Education class. Kelsey hopes to contribute greatly to The Red Ledger staff for years to come, whether it be by taking pictures or working as a reporter.

Kelsey Carroll, Staff Reporter

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The online student news source of Lovejoy High School..