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Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller can be described as a sophomore with a purpose.  Yes, he can be easy to spot from across the room thanks to his white stylish hair, feel free to ask him about anything going on in the world and he will be happy to express his opinions about Ben Affleck. He prefers the calm, silence of life. Hunters favorite place to be is the ocean or near any kind of water. This will workout when his dream of being in the Navy becomes a reality because he plans on serving the country in anyway he can.. On most occasions, Hunter can be found in his underwater home (which he has many) where he lives peacefully and away from the outside world. Ironically, he does not like seafood, instead, he appreciates the taste of Ramen and classic American burgers and fries. On the LHS swim and dive team, Hunter can be found speeding back and forth in the pool at 7 in the morning at oak Point community pool. An inspiration for his life, Green Day is his all time favorite band. So if you ever find yourself in some need of peace and quiet, don’t travel to his underwater seahouse, he will be waiting with a cheeseburger and preparing his battleship for world domination.

Hunter Miller, Photographer

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