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Austin Keefer
Austin Keefer, better known as simply “Keefer,” is a sophomore in his first year on the newspaper staff. Of all he is known for, Austin is especially notorious for being politically incorrect. A fanatic of touchy topics such as politics and religion, it would seem that he takes every possible opportunity to argue, criticize, or disagree. He idolizes the great Bill Maher, and dreams of hosting his own late night talk show. Besides being an impressive thorn in the side of everyone he knows, his other talents include baseball, screenwriting, soda chugging, and doing a wicked Joker laugh, the latter of which took 2 years to perfect. Austin also enjoys bashing movies. In fact, back in the eighth grade, as part of the Announcements Team, Austin would dress up in a sports jacket, red tie, and black cowboy hat, dub himself “The Rotten Tomato,” and rant about a movie with the whole school watching. Despite this, Austin is actually a very pleasant person. He cherishes the needs of others, and can always be counted on to come through on something.

Austin Keefer, Staff Reporter

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The online student news source of Lovejoy High School..