Disturbing music from Tyler, The Creator

Olivia Griffin, Staff Reporter

          The latest craze in the hip-hop world is 22-year-old Los Angeles native Tyler Gregory Okonma.  Better known by his stage names of Tyler, The Creator and Wolf Haley, he has also gained prominence as the co-founder of the hip-hop collective Odd Future/Wolf Gang.  Whatever name he wants to go by, he has proven that the ability to create good music is apparently not necessary to having a popular album.

           If Tyler, The Creator is any indication of the future of rap music, then I am extremely concerned about what is to come. His lyrics are uninterestingly monotonous and feature disturbingly violent and misogynic undertones while his overuse of racist and homophobic slurs should leave the majority of his listeners outraged.

           Extreme brutality is salient in Tyler, The Creator’s lyrics. In “Yonkers”, he states that he wants to “stab Bruno Mars in the **** esophagus”. I’m not much of a fan of Bruno Mars either, but I don’t think assaulting him is the greatest idea.

           His songs have a strange mix of savage lyrics yet calming instrumentals, creating a strange incongruity in his songs. Honestly, with all the debate over gun control in America, the image of him carrying an assault rifle in the music video for “She” only reinforces the culture of violence that the nation is trying to combat.

           I am amazed at the fact that Tyler, The Creator has had any success at all. His album, “Goblin”, reached #5 on the US charts and #1 on the US R&B charts. In  2011, he won an MTV Video Music Award. However, that year the other winners included Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj – not much talent there, either. Currently, Odd Future is traveling around the country on a sold-out concert tour and released its new album “Wolf” on April 1.

           The music video for “Yonkers” – another irritatingly unimaginative song – is dull and unentertaining, just Tyler, the Creator sitting on a bench rapping about whatever happens to come to his mind at the time (which happens to be, unsurprisingly, guns, girls, and drugs). The part when he eats a cockroach and then vomits it back up, all on camera, is just plain disgusting. Honestly. No one wants to see that. Additionally, based on his lack of taste in clothes for his music videos, Tyler, The Creator really needs to hire a new stylist (that dorky button-down shirt that he wore in the “Yonkers” video is about as gangster as a Toyota Prius).

           One website referred to Tyler, The Creator as a “musical genius”. Sorry, but there is nothing genius whatsoever about a guy running around using racist slurs, dehumanizing women and supporting excessive violence over and over in his songs (if one can even refer to this complete garbage as a “song”).

           Looking through the pictures posted on his website, Tyler, The Creator is a charismatic young performer who could honestly be quite successful if he starts writing decent lyrics. He has stated that winning a Grammy is his “biggest goal in life”, and perhaps that would be possible if he stopped offending his listeners with the salient theme of violence and hatred. Of course, based on the overwhelming popularity of Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future, maybe his fans find no problem with guns and hatred.

           If the youth of America is okay listening to raps where violence is glorified and women are dehumanized, then I am concerned about where this country is going in the future. Maybe he is the new “cool” artist, but Tyler, The Creator should be boycotted until he realizes that violence is wrong and he changes the theme of his music. What is appalling is that even women are supposedly huge fans of Odd Future. Have they not heard what these performers are proclaiming? Are they saying that the music is acceptable?

           Tyler, The Creator has some serious issues going on, almost to the point that he appears mentally unstable with his reverence for violence. It amazes me that anyone actually enjoys this – beyond the tasteless and offensive lyrics, his music is dull, unoriginal and repetitive.  Maybe his listeners should open their ears and actually think about what they are supporting by listening to his music. I know that I refuse to support this demoniac music. Hopefully the rest of America’s youth will wake up and change their selection of music as well.